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artist statement

Who is in control.


It started with the resilient spirit of crows that I admire and hope to become more like. Has the destiny of the crow already been determined in the nest. Is it predetermined to have a resilient nature or does this develop. The three fates, the Parcae (greek) or the Moirai (roman) as well as the celtic goddess of war the Morrigan which took the form of a crow and was also described as a trio of sisters, hold a deep fascination for me.


The act of making is as important to me as the work itself. The wire sculptures start as chaotic jumbles, the skill is to preserve this mess while binding it into the form. This aspect appeals to me, very much. I love playing with this balance between order and disorder/control and loosing control. It is an element which I have explored in varies materials and always makes a reappearance whether I intend it or not.





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