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maintenance control unit & care analysis unit

Maintenance Control Unit

Collection of wire trees contained within a semi-transparent cotton house structure with a metal frame. Two horizontal viewing windows positioned opposite one another allow this little wood to be looked at clearly or looked right through.

The cotton is sewn onto the frame with black thread reminiscent of suture stitches, while the white cotton also has links with care and healing. The tips of the branches of the trees break free and stretch out of their confines.

Case Analysis Unit

To view as though peaking into another world or to discover the nest concealed within.

Tenderness is at the heart of this piece. I want the viewer to have the experience of finding a little nest, to wonder at the care taken in the making and the tenderness in which it has been made to protect and nurture the fragile eggs. The nest will be made of a combination of wire and textiles with a soft flax lining. Gold thread is incorporated into the nest to emphasis its precious quality.

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