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Crows, pen and ink works aim to capture the calm, defiant nature of the crows in contrast with the chaos around or within them.

Also interested in the "Flow" state when the mind is totally absorbed in a task, shut off from the world around and the meditive state that occurs when doing a repetitive act that needs little thought.

surviving main street

 Pen and ink drawings, mostly on acid free paper but have also played with this technique on various paper surfaces.

momento mori moth

Momento Mori translates as 'remember that you will die'.

The Memento Mori Moths, are to remind us to live like there is no tomorrow, and that life is too precious to rush to flames. Or is urging us to enjoy life before we find our wings are burning?

For me the moth is a symbol of our tendency towards self-destruction, rushing to our own undoing.

the gathering

The Gathering was inspired by the sound, the power and feeling of being directly beneath a flock of pigeons as they are coming in to land.

Surviving Main Street Part 2(detail)
Surviving Main Street Part 1
Surviving Main Street Part 2
the gathering_edited
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