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the morrigan I & the morrigan II


The Morrigan is from Irish mythology, she is the goddess of battle and is associated with war and fate, often taking the form of a crow. She incites warriors to battle, watches over them and decides who wins or loses. Sometimes I wonder how I have made it through certain episodes of my life, on this rare occasion when reason doesn't bring comfort, I would like to believe my fate was in the hands of a crow. This is my talisman, I ask her to incite me into battle. 

Crow head with human shoulders.

Hand carved found, burnt driftwood. Treated, ebonized with iron acetate, accentuated with latex ink. Found metal object, wire and iron filings, rusted with acid. Emulsion paint to highlight but most importantly to stain with the rust, acrylic paint. Waxed with renaissance wax. Mild steel stand (with baize)

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