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We're All In This Together


For ForM, Sculpture Exhibition, The Walled Garden, Bangor, County Down.


Sometimes as an individual we feel powerless to significantly help the ecological disasters that humans have caused and are causing. We can make some changes in our own lives but as individuals we feel powerless to have any control over the areas that are causing the worst damage.



The more you look at fungi (and lichens especially) and mycelium networks the more the idea of the seperate individual becomes less clear. Biodiversity teaches us that the decline of even one species can have a direct effect on other species in the environment, often causing chain reactions.


We're all in this together.


A hand carved wooden puppet figure sits perched precariously on an old post. A branch growing from one of its wooden limbs. A wire seed head is growing from/embedded into the post. A Lichen (which is itself a symbiotic organism now thought to be more like a living system - part algae, part fungi) grows up the wooden post and on the side of the wooden figure. The Lichen effect created with acrylic paint and flock. All linking together.

We"re All In It Together


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